Mike is an established presence in the field of sales management. His expertise spans across many verticals throughout the United States.


From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Mike continues to pave the way for increased revenues in the sales and marketing arenas.

Sales Training

Increasing the efficiency of sales forces throughout the country has made Mike Palomba one of the most coveted resources in the industry.


Michael has been instrumental in the development and success of several companies throughout the United States. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, he has trained hundreds of sales professionals to excel in their given industries and has developed sales and marketing managers to oversee these campaigns.
Michael Palomba 3MP Atlanta

Being raised north of New York City, Mike quickly adopted a no-nonsense attitude towards the way he conducts himself in business communications. He maintains that his candor helps businesses see a quicker upswing in their profit margins. In Mike’s opinion, facts and figures should dictate a business’ actions. Many business rely solely on what the leadership team ‘thinks’ needs to happen. This is often a recipe for stagnation.

Mike Palomba 3MP Atlanta
Since Michael’s father worked his entire adult life in the U.S. auto industry, Michael was instilled with an unbeatable work ethic at a very early age. In several of Michael’s professional appearances at sales conferences, he has often spoke on the topic of work ethic. He believes that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. In many of his consultations with sales offices across the United States, a component of his feedback always includes cutting out wasted time and focusing on the actions that make a business profitable.
Michael Palomba
Another healthy component of a successful business is the degree of optimism of those within the business. There are some people out there who are pessimists. There are some who are realists. We all know it. However, pessimists often describe themselves as ‘realists.’ Realism has its place, but not at the expense of others’ optimism. Mr. Palomba believes that winning attitudes will produce winning results. In the marketplace, there is always uncertainty. Nothing is guaranteed. However, one thing is for certain. Businesses employing people with negative or pessimistic attitudes have a very foreseeable future and it isn’t very bright.
Michael Palomba
There is no substitute for experience. Michael has attested to many roadblocks and obstacles throughout his professional career, but doesn’t consider failed attempts as ‘failures.’ He’s always found a way to work out the problems and attain the goal at-hand. The fear of failure is what stops most average businesses from becoming great businesses. Mr. Palomba believes that in order to truly learn a new skill, expand to another location across town, or develop franchise opportunities, mistakes are going to happen. Very few people were born with the raw talents that propelled them into the upper echelons of their industries. 99% of them had to work very hard, day-in and day-out, to develop and master the skills necessary to succeed. Attitude and work ethic are intertwined with this idea. When you add initiative to the equation, experience is the outcome. Michael helps businesses take the initiative and provides them with the experience to chart the course of their goals. This allows these businesses to avoid some of the potential pitfalls and obstacles that might have come to fruition otherwise.

Currently, Michael is continuing to expand his sales and marketing organization throughout the country with his company 3MP Atlanta in Georgia.

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